I’m a Nashville americana singer-songwriter. I sing and accompany myself on guitar. I was in my third semester at Belmont University in Nashville, TN studying commercial voice when I got in my accident. I sustained several serious injuries in my left hand causing me to lose both my little and index fingers. The remaining three fingers (apart from the thumb, which is healthy) have considerable nerve damage. I had to withdrawal from classes that semester to reserve all efforts toward my healing, but I returned to Belmont the following semester and recently graduated. This is my story and recovery process as I grow with God and learn to play my instrument again. This blog was originally written for mass communication to my family and friends; however, I pray it will also come to others I do not know, and healing may come to all who read it.

Interested in listening to my music?
Visit www.facebook.com/kristenwrightmusic

3 Responses to “my name is kristen wright.”

  1. aheartsetfree said

    Kristen I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you. Greater things are yet to come! I am praying.


  2. Kristen, you are such a light to so many! I am ever in prayer for your healing and restoration. God is so faithful and I know he is writing more amazing chapters in your life book. I send you love.


  3. Gary Gray said

    Kristen, hello. I’m a 51-year-old guitarist/banjoist who amputated part of the index finger on my left hand on December 6th. I had just finished backing up one of my clients on a radio program (I have a recording studio as a side-job), went home and went to work on installing a wood floor. I can’t even recall exactly how it happened, but the board I had just finished cutting pulled my hand into the blade an took off part my index finger halfway between the fingernail and big knuckle.

    Although my injuries are not as severe as yours, I can totally relate to the feeling of losing skill as a musician and not being able to perform. I’ve only recently started playing banjo again, having adjusted my playing to using the remaining 3 fingers. I’ve done 3 shows with my bands, and they’ve been warmly received. I’ve also taken up resophonic slide guitar (dobro). But I miss the heck out of playing guitar.

    The suggestions I’ve received are to use open tunings, use a slide, and my favorite “Just flip it over and play left-handed” as though that’s a minor adjustment.

    Anyway, I admire your spirit and wish you the best. It sounds to me like you’ve got the spirit to overcome just about anything. I look forward to hearing you on the radio one day.

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