loss unifies.

June 24, 2011

i met a fellow finger-amputee today in the bakery. i handed him his cookies and he said, “hey! you’re like me.” he showed me his missing ring finger and we talked for a moment like it was the most casual thing in the world. i wish there hadn’t been a line. we only had the opportunity to exchange a few words. i wanted to talk to him for hours, as if he were my long lost uncle.

i think a lot of amputees would agree. we’re all bonded together even as strangers. loss unifies.


2 Responses to “loss unifies.”

  1. Nick Lester said

    So glad to find your Blog.It is a difficult transition to being partially or fully fingerless no matter how it happened. It has been almost a year since that day.Just had my fourth surgery this time to reconstruct the tendons of my thumb. I could go on.. and on…but I am more interested in hearing your(anyone out there) story of how it happened, what happened and how you are coping getting on with your life.After all, isn’t it really all about what we put into action what we are going to do with the rest of our lives? I say make a difference in the world and stay POSITIVE! We have a pretty elite club, the dues were high, but we are all paid up! Let’s share our knowledge! Cheers to all of you out there. I call myself hungryhand. I used to be hungry hands(one who loves to create with ones hands) but am now down to hungryhand or maybe hungry 1.5 hands You have to laugh at this strange priveledge we have somehow attained. Enough already!

    • Nick, give yourself a little credit. You are at the very least Hungry 1.5 Hands! 🙂
      Yes, to anyone out there. My dream for this blog is to hear from you. Welcome to our rag-tag hand band! We care about you and want to hear your story.

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