six months.

March 19, 2010

yesterday marked six months since the day of my accident. it’s mind blowing to think it has been that long, yet it seems like it happened a long time ago. so much has happened since then. it’s strange thinking back to the various times outlined in this blog. my life has changed so dramatically each month.

i think i can proudly say that i have adjusted well to being a student again. it has been good to make it to uncharted waters (past the original three weeks) and experience all the joys of college i knew i was missing last semester. as much as i dislike waking up for my eight a.m. classes, i have tried to relish the fact that i am participating in the things i could not before.

i want to write about where i am now, six months in. i think it is really important for me to be honest. left-handed guitar makes me crazy. somedays are better than others, but it’s requiring more patience than i could have ever imagined. i’m making may way around G, C, and D, but not for very long before my fingers hurt and i begin to lose motivation. i’m trying to recall how this felt when i was first learning as a twelve or thirteen year old…i think it seemed easier then.

it should also be noted that i’m experiencing some level of post-traumatic stress disorder. i don’t think it was as prevalent while i was living at home, because i was physically separated from where the accident took place; however, my campus is a block away and that doesn’t always bode well. however, i am learning to deal with it. for example: when i’m driving, i seek out intersections with stop lights or stop signs and i avoid driving around 15th and wedgewood as much as possible. now that i have been on campus for about nine weeks, some of the symptoms of PTSD have lessened.

i am proud to say that i think i’m doing pretty good at six months in. one thing i have grown particularly proud of is my typing skills. (note the length of this post.) thank you all for your continual prayers. i’m blessed to know each and every one of you!


One Response to “six months.”

  1. Alyson M said

    GIrl, you’re beautiful! And you have progressed so well! 🙂 I love watching this process, and seeing God stretch you in new ways we couldn’t have foreseen. You’ll get there with guitar, and I know we all keep saying that and I have no idea how it really is, but you will. Look at how far you’ve come since 6 months music wise! I believe somebody told me the other day that they started writing a song or something…hmmm. 🙂 You’re beautiful! I love you MWAH! Congrats on 6 months!

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