three months.

December 18, 2009

my accident happened three months ago yesterday. obviously since the last entry is entitled “two months,” i haven’t written in a while. somehow i’ve been relatively busy. i was fortunate enough to still have the opportunity to sing in “christmas at belmont,” so i journeyed down to nashville to sing the music i had been learning from home with my peers. it’s a massive event, if you’ve never experienced it. i highly suggest you turn your TVs to PBS on the evening of the 23rd (check your local listings for the time). i’ve included a little sampler HERE — my group, session, singing with our wonderful host, trisha yearwood! 🙂

this past month has been a little bit more directed toward sliding into normalcy. i’m now typing with two hands and learning how to do it better. allowing myself to go out in public without any sort of glove on, unless i’m cold. haha! gripping “paper thin” picks and building up some strength strumming my left-handed guitar. i french-braided my hair for the first time a couple of days ago! and other exciting victories that allow my left hand some independence.

i recently purchased rob bell’s new book “drops like stars.” i highly recommend picking it up. it’s about suffering and creativity — something extremely relevant in my life right now. i’ve been painting a lot. it’s very calming and relaxing for me and it helps me creatively express myself in a time where guitar cannot as easily fill that need. you may have noticed the new banner above, it’s one of my watercolor paintings. it’s good to still feel like an artist. God is healing me with the endless possibilities in creativity.

4 Responses to “three months.”

  1. Hillary said

    I love the painting! It sounds like you are on your way back to normalcy. Creativity is a great thing, and painting can be an excellent outlet. Keep it up. ps, I’m going to church in the morning with Dad and Julia. I hope I get to see you!

  2. Roxanna said

    I’m so proud of how strong you are! God is going to and is doing amazing things with you. I love you!

  3. Megan Asher said

    I love the watercolor, dear friend of mine! I’ve been dreaming of your Mom’s fudge ever since I left and I only had half a square left to share with my family! HAHA! (Selfish? Yes. Worth it? Yes.) I love you Kristen and give GLORY and PRAISE to our Heavenly Father for all of the progress you have been making. Hallelujah! I love you!

  4. Carly Taylor said

    Hey, I’ve loved every word of your blog, and I’m glad you opened up to the world with your story, so I could get to know you better. And Begin to understand the “history of kristen”- what shaped you into the stunning and inspiring creature before me 😉 I love your painting, and paintingS a lot! Even WHEN you get your mad guitar skills back, I hope you keep painting, maybe even one for me? hehe jk, sorta. I will pray that you get the time you need this summer to breathe and work on those skills. Remember, God thought the sounds we made when we were little kids first learning to sing, or as our frets buzzed as pre-pubescent brats first strumming were just as lovely and pleasing to his ears as they are at the height of human’s ear for accomplishment… and he will think the same when we get old and our voices warble, or when we lose our memories, or anything else 😉 I think it just hit me that we’re loved for existing. cool. Also, I apologize for the extraordinarily long sentence.
    I love you sweet friend,

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